I know I’m off subject again, just bare with me, its exciting stuff.

There are new interesting things happening at chip manufacturer AMD.

What is HSA (Heterogeneous Systems Architecture)

HSA put simply is a multi-core processor combined with a GPU(s) that are all on one piece of silicon. In the full vision it’s AMD’s goal is to have all these parts functioning in the same address space with little memory conflict, in other words they’ve figured out have to make all the bits of the chip play nicely without bumping into one another, thus faster.

What makes HSA so cool?

Today’s GPU’s and CPU’s are on entirely different memory maps, so you need to copy data to and from different memory maps, this is tedious and slow. The goal is, AMD’s HSA will allow you to access all the the parts of this chip in one unified memory space, which will speed everything up and make programming much simpler. It will be really fast and I mean fast.

What could I do with HSA?

AI, Realtime processing, pattern recognition, photo realistic 3D, all of the things that programmers dream about. There will also be a block of silicon ‘sub-routines’ for doing specific kinds of processing, probable more mathamatical in nature (I’m guessing).

AMD has an ambitious plan, they have committed themselves to producing the finished product within 2 years.

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