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Great article by Brian O’Conner of Universal Mind, its well written and to the point,
the only downside is that is doesn’t mension MoSync anywhere (No self publicity allowed, well not much anyway:).

Mobile HTML5: PhoneGap vs Appcelerator Titanium

If I remember rightly jQuery is 26K and growing, still I like the ideal of people optimizing
their libraries, I wonder if there are any drawbacks to this library.

You can read more about the Zepto JavaScript framework at Thomas Fuchs (I’m a bit of a fan) website:

The title of this talk implies that people dislike JavaScript, I feel like a victim of reverse psychology.

One of the Google I/O talks in 2011: Learning to Love JavaScript.

In a recent blog Adobe announced that flash for mobile is a dead duck.
You can read more about Adobe’s new strategy at:

River Trail is Intel’s latest forage into the world of JavaScript. The system extend JavaScript directly to the hardware level, taking advantage of Intel’s vector processing core processor. Intel claim that this will provide unparalleled speed for mobile web apps.

You can more details of the project at


Mobile Tools Survey

VisionMobile is creating a new mobile report, charting usage and the features of the top mobile JavaScript tools, MoSync / Appcelerator / PhoneGap are participating,  it turns out there are 20+ companies that make tools. (Are they mad).

Take a look, perhaps participate in the survey, you could win an iPad 2, whhoooo!

The results of the survey will be free and available in Q1 2011.

Daring Fireball

Although its not specifically about mobile JavaScript, I thought its worth mentioning John Grubers blog, its eloquently named ‘Daring Fireball’ and its full of the kind of great content that every geek needs.


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